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What sort of education model is Haven Academy of Salina?

Haven Academy offers students and their families an academic approach that utilizes a constructive, scholastic blend of educational models, also known as a hybrid education. This up-and-coming form of education takes the best of both the in-classroom and homeschool models, with the school evaluating and approving carefully chosen curriculum. Teachers then set the pace for both the in and out of classroom learning, partnering with parents in the overall guidance and academic success of their students.

How does the school week of Haven Academy of Salina work? 

Haven Academy will function as a four-day school week starting the 23/24 academic school year! Mondays through Wednesdays are structured as organized classroom schooldays, with students learning curriculum under the organized instruction of hired professional educators. Students then learn in a traditional home-based setting on Thursdays under the direct supervision of a parent, giving opportunity for family involvement and tailored learning possibilities. Detailed curriculum packets are provided weekly to the parents and students via their Haven Academy of Salina educators for Thursday lessons.

What are a few things that Haven Academy stands for as a school?

CHRISTIAN FOCUS: We provide an interdenominational education that recognizes the vital importance of Jesus Christ in each of our lives. We commit to equipping our students to achieve not only a high level of academic excellence, but also a high level of preparation to serve the Kingdom of God.

SMALL CLASS SIZES: Haven Academy classes are capped at a number that ensures a very healthy teacher to student ratio. This gives our students the opportunity to grow educationally and emotionally in an environment of safety and calm.

FAMILY PRIORITIZED: We believe that an involved family structure is vital to the success of your child's education! The flexibility of the Haven Academy school week provides opportunities for your family to not only grow educationally, but to also grow closer as a family unit.

Nondiscriminatory Statement

Subject to the Constitution of the United States and all applicable state and federal laws, Haven Academy of Salina does not discriminate against applicants or students on the basis of race, color, and national or ethnic origin in its admissions or in the administration of its education policies, programs, or activities. In addition, subject to the Constitution of the United States and all applicable state and federal laws, Haven Academy of Salina does not discriminate in its employment practices.