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End of Q1 Electives
October 12 - Wednesday
End of Q1 Classes
October 18 - Tuesday
Start of Q2 Electives
October 19 - Wednesday
Start of Q2 Classes
October 24 - Monday
Thanksgiving Break
November 23 - Wednesday




Haven Academy of Salina is a Hybrid School. What exactly is a Hybrid School?

A Hybrid School is a blend of educational models that provides the perfect opportunity for a flexible, hands-on educational setting! Our goal is to equip our students academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually in a learning environment that is new and unique to our community. Our school seeks to give families the very best of both the in-classroom and homeschool education models. 

As a Hybrid School, is Haven Academy an online education?

Not at all! Actually, Haven Academy of Salina strives to limit screen-time learning to further encourage interactive and tactile learning opportunities. The word hybrid, in this case, is used to demonstrate a blend of educational models that include traditional classroom and homeschool settings. 

How does the school week of Haven Academy of Salina work? 

Mondays and Tuesdays are structured as traditional classroom setting school days, with students learning and studying under the organized instruction of hired educators. It is our priority to offer quality academic education in manageable-sized, interactive classroom settings. 

Wednesday courses consist of optional in-classroom electives that focus heavily on the arts, life skills, STEM focus, and stimulating subject matters such as languages, community involvement, home economics, theater, and much more. 

Haven Academy will function under a traditional home-based setting on Thursdays and Fridays, giving opportunity for family involvement and tailored learning possibilities for the students with their parents. Weekly detailed curriculum packets will be provided ot the students via their Haven Academy of Salina educators.  

Nondiscriminatory Statement

Subject to the Constitution of the United States and all applicable state and federal laws, Haven Academy of Salina does not discriminate against applicants or students on the basis of race, color, and national or ethnic origin in its admissions or in the administration of its education policies, programs, or activities. In addition, subject to the Constitution of the United States and all applicable state and federal laws, Haven Academy of Salina does not discriminate in its employment practices.